Open Letter #2: Dear Chester Bennington,

Dear Chester, I can't quite believe that you've been gone for over a year. It seems as if it were yesterday that I heard that shocking news for the first time. I stared blankly, reading and re-reading the message. Surely, it couldn't be true! The message didn't sink in then. Neither did it sink in … Continue reading Open Letter #2: Dear Chester Bennington,

Open letter #1: Don’t let go

suicide, inspiration

This post can be regarded as an open letter to anyone who is contemplating suicide. Emotional setbacks are the worst. These train wrecks can happen in the blink of an eye, catch you unawares and torment you so badly. They don't leave behind visible scars, but the damage inflicted can be a lot worse. It sucks … Continue reading Open letter #1: Don’t let go