tiny tale #84: In slow motion

She watched her world turn upside down in slow motion.She landed on the floor.The floor had been slippery! (20 words)This post was written in response to the Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week¬†2 prompt. Thank you, Bulbul for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to weave a tale in exactly 20 words based on the given word prompt. … Continue reading tiny tale #84: In slow motion

tiny tale #83: The trip of their lifetime

Anuj and Malavika were on the trip of their lifetime. The pandemic had finally come to an end. The age of social distancing had put things in perspective for the elderly couple. They jetted off to various exotic locations, bend on living life to the fullest. They wanted to capture every moment. Grandpa Anuj was … Continue reading tiny tale #83: The trip of their lifetime

tiny tale #82: A Needle In A Haystack

"Oh no, the klutz is back and he is back with a bang", Michael told Sara as they went to inspect the source of the rather loud crash. The newly-landed object was nothing like anything they had ever seen before. It was definitely NOT food! Though the klutz did drop bits and crumbs of his … Continue reading tiny tale #82: A Needle In A Haystack

tiny tale #81: The long wait…

Somewhere in a part of the world where the novel coronavirus was spreading like wildfire and humanity was still unsure about how to contain the spread, there was a girl called Anu who was anxiously counting down days until the eventful day.Though the cases kept increasing, the ones in power did absolutely nothing in their … Continue reading tiny tale #81: The long wait…

tiny tale #80: Messy kitchen diaries

Anna measured out all the ingredients in her vast kitchen. She didn't bother checking the recipe. She was fairly certain she could pull it off. This was not the first time she had baked a chocolate cake.An hour later, the cake was in the oven. Her sink was overflowing with measuring cups, flour sifter, broken … Continue reading tiny tale #80: Messy kitchen diaries

tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

As the planets aligned in a syzygy above them, The star-crossed lovers parted ways Their careers and family pulled them apart Their love was too fragile to survive the attack. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The Weekend Writing Prompt is hosted by Sammi on her blog - Sammi Cox. … Continue reading tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

tiny tale #78: A World of Difference

Dhyan was a special, little boy. His parents always told him so. He was the apple of their eye. However, the kids at the school thought differently. They called him a weirdo and competed with each other to come up with new nicknames for him. For all they knew, his name could have been Freak … Continue reading tiny tale #78: A World of Difference

tiny tale #77: Wanderlost

She had inherited her father's wanderlust.She dreamed of travelling far and wide.The numerous photos that her father had taken during his numerous trips only fuelled those dreamsWhenever she looked through those photos, her heart longed to visit and marvel at those wondrous places.But unfortunately, she was too broke to follow in his footsteps.But the photos … Continue reading tiny tale #77: Wanderlost

tiny tale #76: The haunted mansion

In the heart of the forest, there stood an old mansion that was widely known to be haunted. Every day as dusk dropped its dark veil over the surroundings, an eerie yellow glow would emit from the lone window at the top of the mansion. The occasional weird sounds that came from the mansion did … Continue reading tiny tale #76: The haunted mansion

tiny tale #75: Something Dark This Way Comes

The sky was overcast with dark clouds that threatened to drive the Sun away before his appointed hour of departure. Ananya was still a long way from home. A sudden fear dislodged her heart and took its place. Her heart was beating loudly in protest that she wondered if it was pounding against her ribs, … Continue reading tiny tale #75: Something Dark This Way Comes

tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

Rick and Kate watched their little girl, their eyes following her every moment. Their entwined hands gripped each other a little more tighter. They watched her look around in delight at the majestic tree that stood in the middle of the clearing. For a while, Amy sat on the bench, but she couldn't sit still … Continue reading tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

tiny tale #73: When push comes to shove

Aditi and Arjun were more than a handful to manage. Ayesha loved her twin babies but sometimes they drove her crazy. Today, they wanted to try the huge slide that was a new addition to their neighbourhood park. As always, Ayesha fell for their puppy dog eyes and the three set off to the park. … Continue reading tiny tale #73: When push comes to shove

tiny tale #72: Confused

Ayesha stared at the faded recipe. Was it 1tbsp of salt or 1tsp? Cooking always confused her! (17 words) This tiny tale was written in response to the Sammi Cox's Weekend Prompt. The challenge is to write a poem or piece of prose using the word "Fade" (or any of its forms) in exactly 17 … Continue reading tiny tale #72: Confused

tiny tale #71: Locked horns

"Mike, the tile is leaking. Fix it.""You can fix it too, Donnie.""I'll fix it as soon as you fix the fence, Mike. It's the first thing that people notice about our house!""Didn't you get the memo, Donnie? People are staying in their homes! Nobody is going to come and look at our fence now.""Suppose somebody … Continue reading tiny tale #71: Locked horns

tiny tale #70: Operation focus

"Argh, this damn thing..", Nia could have swore but that would have earned her a reproachful look. "It's okay, Nia. You just have to focus. Let it be the only thing that's on your mind.", Grandma Agnes guided her grandchild. "I'm trying, granny. Can you please be quiet! I can't focus when I'm speaking to … Continue reading tiny tale #70: Operation focus

tiny tale #69: Mama’s girl

Was that a knock?"Mia..is that you? What happened, baby?"Seema sighed and turned away from her computer. It was impossible to work without getting interrupted!The door opened and in walked her 8-year-old."Mama, do you have some fabric glue ?".Seema decided to play along. "Sure, darling. What's it for?""Umm..it's for a project. I'll show it to you … Continue reading tiny tale #69: Mama’s girl

tiny tale #68: Lost evidence

Grandma had always adamantly maintained that she had gone on a solo trip to Paris. But no one believed her, in the absence of any evidence. She would tell anyone who cared to listen that she had taken a beautiful shot of The Eiffel Tower. Though it was taken from quite a distance, it offered … Continue reading tiny tale #68: Lost evidence

tiny tale #67: Pride goes before a fall :(

They were extremely proud of the new observatory. One-of-a-kind, unparalleled technology. They had every reason to be proud. But the shiny, silver dome proved to be their Achilles heel. What was meant to monitor their extra-terrestrial neighbours had ended up attracting them instead! (280 characters) This post was written in response to the Twittering Tale … Continue reading tiny tale #67: Pride goes before a fall ūüė¶

tiny tale #66: What’s that creature, daddy?

I'd like to remind you that the following is a work of fiction. It's a conversation between a dad and his little girl.What's that creature, daddy?Oh, this one? That's a green sea turtle, Mia.A tuurrtlle?Turtle, darling. Sadly, we rarely get to see them anymore. Scientists even fear that they might be extinct.Extind? What's that, daddy?Remember … Continue reading tiny tale #66: What’s that creature, daddy?

tiny tale #65: Nia and her forgetful grandma

The elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor with a lurch. Thanks to the built-in safety feature, the elevator had stopped at the nearest floor when the power went off.Just a few minutes ago, Nia had received a call from a very panicked Grandma Agnes.Grandma had misplaced her glasses. Again!Nia rushed to her grandma's apartment. Good … Continue reading tiny tale #65: Nia and her forgetful grandma

tiny tale #64: Finding Forever

"Yes. Yesssss! Of course, I will! This is one of the happiest days of my life.", she said, looking down at him with tears in her eyes. She went home that day with her own little bundle of joy who couldn't stop wagging his tail. She named him Forever. She gained a new best friend, … Continue reading tiny tale #64: Finding Forever

tiny tale #63: Is there a thief in the house?

The noise had scared Nia. Armed with her flashlight and pepper spray, she set off to probe. She had turned off the kitchen light! Now it was on! She saw the thief with her cake and screamed. The thief just laughed. It was her absentee flatmate who had returned for a midnight dessert! (280 characters) … Continue reading tiny tale #63: Is there a thief in the house?

tiny tale #62: The story of the forgotten bicycle…

Their mothers had met at a pregnancy class. Born a few minutes apart, Jenny and Ryan were inseparable. They had always cycled to school together.Jenny's diagnosis put an end to their routine. Her bicycle now lay abandoned by her window. That didn't stop Ryan from visiting her every day. As her chemo sessions grew more … Continue reading tiny tale #62: The story of the forgotten bicycle…

tiny tale #61: The nature reserve

The scene before them was alarming. In place of the foot trail, now there was a dirt road. Soon it would be a highway, or so they had heard the forest ranger say. The nature reserve would no longer be theirs alone. They'd have to share it with the humans. So, do you have any … Continue reading tiny tale #61: The nature reserve

tiny tale #60: Amy’s mischief!

Amy's mama had always told her to stay away from the "thing". It was her father's last invention... before he disappeared. That fateful day, she disobeyed her mama and twiddled with the "thing". All of a sudden, the "thing" sprung to life. Amy was stunned to see her long-lost father! (280 characters) So what so … Continue reading tiny tale #60: Amy’s mischief!