So much for inconsequential white lies

It goes without saying, that the first exchange of words in a chance, or a priorly scheduled meeting with a friend, family member, colleague or even a mere acquaintance, will irrevocably be Them: "Hey! How are you?" In most cases, your response will be limited to any of those indicated in my "sketch" (For want … Continue reading So much for inconsequential white lies

Who are we to pass judgements?

It's easy to judge someone, without knowing what battles they might be fighting, unknown to you. Nothing hurts more than words than crawl underneath your skin. Some may be too good for their own good... so much so that they don't even dare fight back against the gross injustice meted out to them. It's easy to … Continue reading Who are we to pass judgements?

Backyard “Foes”…

25th May 2015, Trivandrum: I’m not exactly the type of person who is not intimidated by snakes. But the again, any sane person will keep their distance from these creatures. You can’t exactly blame someone for their inane self-preservation instinct, can you?! However, killing these poor creatures because they didn’t have the sense to stay away … Continue reading Backyard “Foes”…

The Essence of Ruthless Fabrication!

We have witnessed several lives patch up (now that you think of it, It has been such a rare spectacle!)  but more often than not, we’ve seen several lives fall apart at the seams all thanks to THE media glare - the only kind of glare potent enough to claim human lives. Instead of hitting … Continue reading The Essence of Ruthless Fabrication!

Ella Enchanted- Cliché all over again or Not??

Ella Enchanted is a novel by Gail Carson Levine, first published in 1997. The novel has been adapted into a movie of the same name in 2004, starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy in lead roles. This is my train of thought, upon reading the novel. I have to give a fair warning - This review contains too many … Continue reading Ella Enchanted- Cliché all over again or Not??