Prophetic tiny tale?

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My tiny tale #39 kind of turned out to be a prophetic one. It turns out that certain users in Europe and the US couldn't access their Facebook and Instagram accounts. A networking issue caused havoc (read: being cut-off from Facebook and Instagram) until it was resolved within a few hours. Of course, this caused … Continue reading Prophetic tiny tale?


tiny tale #39: Taming the “beasts”

The Wi-Fi was playing hide and seek. The humans had finally started talking to each other... Fate smiled slyly. It had found a way to tame the humans! Written in response to the Daily Prompt: Tame Click here to read all my tiny tales. © 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Announcement #2

Hello readers, I have an important announcement. I have been thinking about hosting a fortnightly six word story prompt here on My Random Ramblings. The prompt would be a word or a picture. (I'm still figuring out all the details.) So, does that sound like something you'll be interested in? Do let me know. The … Continue reading Announcement #2

six word story #7

Home is where Wi-Fi connects automatically. © 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

tiny tale #38: The mask…

He wore a mask to make others laugh for a living, but no one noticed the pain behind his smiles when he took off his mask. (123 characters) Written in response to the Twittering Tale #52 photo prompt. The challenge is to tell a story based on the given photo prompt in 140 characters or … Continue reading tiny tale #38: The mask…

tiny tale #37: Shortcut to heaven…

Cold weather, A blanket, a book, and a steaming mug of coffee... It turns out that there's a shortcut to heaven after all! Author's note: I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for reading and if you wish to reach out, do follow me on Instagram @my.random.ramblings Click here to read all my tiny tales. … Continue reading tiny tale #37: Shortcut to heaven…

Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I've got news for you. The title says it all. My Random Ramblings is now on Instagram too. Are you on Instagram? Let's stay connected. You can reach me at @my.random.ramblings Here's the link to the Instagram account. My Random Ramblings Please do follow to read … Continue reading Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect!