The outcast

She was quite eye-catching Her portrait was captivating Easily the prettiest graffiti on the wall But as time passed, she'd her downfall Scribbled over and torn She looks rather forlorn Her eyes no longer have that glint The scribbles over her are a hint That her best days are in the past She was now … Continue reading The outcast


tiny tale #70: Operation focus

"Argh, this damn thing..", Nia could have swore but that would have earned her a reproachful look. "It's okay, Nia. You just have to focus. Let it be the only thing that's on your mind.", Grandma Agnes guided her grandchild. "I'm trying, granny. Can you please be quiet! I can't focus when I'm speaking to … Continue reading tiny tale #70: Operation focus

Three Line Tale #4: The paw painter!

She came home to a find her snow-white puppy was covered in any colour but white! A quick trip to her art room revealed the reason. Biscuit had somehow managed to get in, yet again. © 2018 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. Written in response to prompt by Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for hosting … Continue reading Three Line Tale #4: The paw painter!