tiny tale #55: The Trojan horse

"Remember, you have to get him to admit that he was the one who ordered the hit. Act as if there's nothing out of the normal. The last thing we want is for him to think that something is fishy.", Danny coached his well-placed 'mole'. The hideous orca and shark heads his daughter had made … Continue reading tiny tale #55: The Trojan horse

tiny tale #41: Murder, Mystery… #MicroMondays

No signs of forced entry. But there was a criminal. The body on the floor was proof of that! Fingerprints, witnesses - none. But the janitor's freely volunteered alibi cracked the case wide open. A 33-word story written in response to the #MicroMondays edition 2 prompt: "But there was a criminal." hosted by Namy and Varad. Click … Continue reading tiny tale #41: Murder, Mystery… #MicroMondays