short story #21: Covert operations

To a human eye, it might have seemed as if the two bald eagles were comparing notes on how to catch elusive fat rats. Perched on the highest tree that they could find, they surveyed the humans as keenly as they could.When the dogs and cats had refused to spy on the humans, Agents E … Continue reading short story #21: Covert operations

Earth to Humans. Do you copy?

I’m the only planet they didn’t name after a deity. Was it because the humans had elevated me? To the same pedestal that was reserved for their many deities. I wonder. They call me the blue planet, Terra, Tellus, Gaia, Gaea, the World, Mother Earth. Blue like the water that covers the majority of my surface, but seems to be … Continue reading Earth to Humans. Do you copy?

tiny tale #54: New beginnings!

Although the flight was turbulent, the landing wasn't. Clutching their oxygen tanks, the passengers set out to explore their new abode. The round, white spacecraft stood out in sharp relief against the barren, rocky terrain. Earth was too far gone to be saved. Now, it was Mars' turn. (280 characters) This post was written in … Continue reading tiny tale #54: New beginnings!

tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special

Thousands of saplings were planted, The ever-diminishing greenery heaved a sigh of relief. But Mother Earth had more pressing worries, for, along with the saplings came thousands of plastic covers... abandoned... left to the mercy of the Forces of Nature. Author's Note: A rather ironic tale, if I dare say so myself. Especially, since I … Continue reading tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special


All they wanted was a habitat - a place to call their own, and a chance to survive... But humans had other plans. © 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. "By the year 2100, human activities such as pollution, land clearing, and overfishing may drive more than half of the world's marine and land species … Continue reading Survive…