tiny tale #48: Holed up

Earthlings used to worship me. Over the years, worship morphed into exploitation and contamination. I used to flow about in abundance, clear as the blue sky. Now I'm reduced to hiding in the deepest, darkest pits to save myself. I used to be called water, Now they call me liquid gold. (280 characters) This post … Continue reading tiny tale #48: Holed up


tiny tale #45: Summertime

Summer was in. The school was out. While kids his age were spending the summer obsessing over video games, Adi had other plans. Volunteering to help clean up the local beach was his favourite summer activity. Adi loved to make a difference; Saving the environment, one beach at a time. (280 characters) This post was … Continue reading tiny tale #45: Summertime


All they wanted was a habitat - a place to call their own, and a chance to survive... But humans had other plans. © 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. "By the year 2100, human activities such as pollution, land clearing, and overfishing may drive more than half of the world's marine and land species … Continue reading Survive…