Autumn leaves

Young, green, and tender the leaves rustle in the wind. They cling on to the branches, refusing to let go and be blown away. They hold on, unyielding to the wind's breath. As the seasons pass, the leaves lose their youth. Come autumn, and they finally let go surrendering to the wind's mercy. They let … Continue reading Autumn leaves

This too shall pass

I looked at the dark stormy skyDark rain-laden clouds,Sailed over my headDrifting at the wind's mercyI watched a quartet of geeseSoar higher and higherAs they made their wayAcross the dark skyI watched them fly awayTheir sizes growing smallerAnd smallerUntil they were just tiny specksI envied their freedomI wished I could soar highAnd fly away like … Continue reading This too shall pass

Stuck in a rut?

Yesterday as I was bottling up the pomegranate seeds that I had painstakingly popped out, I saw an ant literally diving among the seeds. There was little I could do to save it, for fear that any movement on my part would push it deeper or worse crush it to death. There was nothing to … Continue reading Stuck in a rut?