Out of whack – a tiny tale

Little Jimmy was excited. He kept pacing around as he waited for his father to come home. He couldn't wait to show off his handiwork. At last, when his father came home, Jimmy led him to the garage to unveil his latest project. Jimmy smiled smugly as he saw his father gape at his creation."Jimmy…wha..what … Continue reading Out of whack – a tiny tale

Hard times – a tiny tale

"Chaaaaiiiii chaaaiiiii. Hot chaiiii", Raju announced relentlessly as he moved from one carriage to the other. The pandemic imposed restrictions had bankrupted him and waylaid his livelihood. When the trains got cancelled, he was forced to seek out odd jobs just to make ends meet. Even then, there were days when his family of three … Continue reading Hard times – a tiny tale

Evolution – a tiny tale

In a very disturbing turn of events, several trees all over the world surprised humans with their newfound ability to move! It has been reported that several trees all over the world uprooted themselves and started moving forward haphazardly, leaving a trail of mass destruction in their wake. Scientists are quite baffled by this new … Continue reading Evolution – a tiny tale

The castle in the woods – a tiny tale

The relentless waves of covid and the never-ending lockdowns had affected the magical community too. Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie were forced to close down their café and retire to their castle in the woods. To a non-magic eye, the castle seemed like a dilapidated, abandoned shelter amidst an overgrown yard. But the castle served … Continue reading The castle in the woods – a tiny tale

Plastic! – a tiny tale

Matilda had always been obsessed with environmental issues. She did her best to be more environment-friendly. She had always wanted to come with a solution to the never-ending plastic problem. Passionate about saving the environment, she even made a career (and eventually a start-up) out of it.Matilda developed a way of recycling even the stubbornest … Continue reading Plastic! – a tiny tale