Three Line Tale #37: Overcompensating…

Aditi sighed as she stared at the huge bundle of toys that fell out from the cupboard as soon as she opened it.There were enough toys to fill a toystore, and then some, courtesy of family and friends, but sadly she couldn't just convince them that smothering her little son with toys wasn't going to … Continue reading Three Line Tale #37: Overcompensating…

Three Line Tale #36: The unexpected intruder

She knew that there was a high possibility that she had been captured on any one of the numerous surveillance cameras that were planted inconspicuously, but she had stolen all the data that her people needed. But she didn't have much to fear since there was nothing incriminating - her identity was well concealed. The … Continue reading Three Line Tale #36: The unexpected intruder

Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!

Darsh hesitantly followed Amala, his fiancee as she led him to the "special place" that she had selected as a venue for their wedding.Amala looked at him expectantly as she waited for him to say something… anything.As he looked at her, he realized that the garden in the middle of nowhere had a certain charm … Continue reading Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!

Three Line Tale #34: Fooling around

To a complete stranger, he seemed like an obsessive megalomaniac whose net worth ran into millions.But to his family, he was kind, affectionate, and caring in the many roles that he pulled off effortlessly - son, brother, brother-in-law, husband, son-in-law, father, uncle, and much more.But occasionally, he dressed up in the ridiculous costume that he … Continue reading Three Line Tale #34: Fooling around

short story #35: The Last Time

He still remembered the last time he held her in one of his bear hugs. He could still feel the warm kiss she gave on his forehead. He had closed his eyes and savoured the moment even as he tucked a wayward strand of her hair behind her ear. If only he had known at … Continue reading short story #35: The Last Time