Three Line Tale #33: An unusual encounter

The wolf pup regarded the alien object with curiosity.It did not look like food and it didn't taste like it either and he.nearly ended up hurting his teeth.Unknown to him, the camera trap captured his playful, naughty side for all eternity. This post was written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 242 prompt by … Continue reading Three Line Tale #33: An unusual encounter

tiny tale #86: Kaleidoscope

At times, life made her feel like a blind kid trying to imagine the supposedly colourful views a kaleidoscope offered. (20 words) Life can be confusing at times. There are a lot of highs and lows, and a lot of sharp bends that we never see coming. Also, we can never truly appreciate the value … Continue reading tiny tale #86: Kaleidoscope

Three Line Tale #32: The mysterious guest

Nainika, Ananya, and Kavya huddled together behind the curtains as they struggled to get a better view of the mysterious guest performer for the Annual Ballet event. The identities of this guest had been a closely guarded secret and everyone was extremely curious just like the triplets huddled behind the stage. From their viewpoint behind … Continue reading Three Line Tale #32: The mysterious guest

Three Line Tale #31: Hidden in plain sight

People stared a lot at the unusually well-dressed scarecrow in the middle of the field of marigolds who stood out amidst the orange backdrop with his black riding jacket and the shiny black helmet with a dark visor that concealed his face. Though they were curious, the villagers never approached the scarecrow, and so the … Continue reading Three Line Tale #31: Hidden in plain sight

tiny tale #85: The hardest choice…

He voluntarily underwent quarantine.He missed his last chance to see his father.He chose safety over attending the funeral. (20 words) This story was inspired by a real-life incident. A man had travelled to his native place from a foreign country. His father had been in a critical state which was the reason why he made … Continue reading tiny tale #85: The hardest choice…