tiny tale #84: In slow motion

She watched her world turn upside down in slow motion.She landed on the floor.The floor had been slippery! (20 words)This post was written in response to the Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 2 prompt. Thank you, Bulbul for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to weave a tale in exactly 20 words based on the given word prompt. … Continue reading tiny tale #84: In slow motion

Three Line Tale #29: The beachside wedding

Amal and Shreya's beach wedding turned out to be a beautiful ceremony and every bit awesome as planned.But, the guests were broken from their happy spell when they discovered that Niharika, Amal's little niece, who was also the flower girl, was missing.After a frantic search, they found that Niharika had found a new friend on … Continue reading Three Line Tale #29: The beachside wedding

short story #30: Déjà vu

The little brick house was the first and the only one that her father had built. Amala and her parents had turned the small house into a beautiful home. They had been extremely happy…until a freak accident snatched her father away from them. His death hit them hard - emotionally and financially. Amala and her … Continue reading short story #30: Déjà vu

Three Line Tale #23: Blessing in disguise

At 5ft., she was the shortest in the gang. Her height, or rather the lack of it made her a frequent object of ridicule among her friends, but she never let the taunts get to her. Unlike her friends, she was never in danger of hitting her head if she didn't duck in time! This … Continue reading Three Line Tale #23: Blessing in disguise

short story #22: A Statue’s Musings

One would assume that one mistake would be enough. One might even think that humans would learn not to repeat the same mistake over and over again. An invisible virus shook their world and brought them to their knees. Things got so worse so fast that many humans went into "hibernation" mode. They stayed holed … Continue reading short story #22: A Statue’s Musings