Variety is the spice of life

When I was just a child Adulting seemed fascinating. It seemed like A tempting bowl of candy Within my line of sight That I just couldn't reach. But as an adult, I realised that Looks can be deceiving. Life isn't an easy ride. It's an epic rollercoaster ride, A crazy mix, Of happiness, sadness, Anger, … Continue reading Variety is the spice of life

Friends ❤️

Family unconnected by blood, and yet close-knitReal friends stay close to usIn every sickness and health, they will be thereEvery joy and sorrow seems better with themNo matter what life throws at us,Darkness or light, they don't care,So long as you go through it together!A true friend is precious and dependable,Rare, sincere and loyal to … Continue reading Friends ❤️

Behind the Mask

She seemed quiet, reserved Or so it was generally observed By the ones who didn't know her She seemed shy Though they knew not why Her mask remained in place Until friendship claimed the space Her true boisterous self was known Only to a select few Her inner circle that rarely grew This verse was … Continue reading Behind the Mask

Dear ex-colleague,

You have been around ever since I joined. You've seen me as newbie - confused, lost and grossly inexperienced. To me, you were the serious guy who was very involved in his work. My God! How utterly wrong I was. First impressions are the best impressions, if incorrectness is a factor. The more I got … Continue reading Dear ex-colleague,

six word story #57

Best friend: A connection that survives. I hope that you are safe, wherever you are. Stay safe. Take care. This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #34: Friend. Click on the link to read entries from my fellow bloggers. The prompts will be published exactly as per … Continue reading six word story #57