tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

Rick and Kate watched their little girl, their eyes following her every moment.Their entwined hands gripped each other a little more tighter.They watched her look around in delight at the majestic tree that stood in the middle of the clearing.For a while, Amy sat on the bench, but she couldn't sit still for long.Rick and … Continue reading tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

tiny tale #73: When push comes to shove

Aditi and Arjun were more than a handful to manage. Ayesha loved her twin babies but sometimes they drove her crazy. Today, they wanted to try the huge slide that was a new addition to their neighbourhood park. As always, Ayesha fell for their puppy dog eyes and the three set off to the park. … Continue reading tiny tale #73: When push comes to shove

short story #14: The Frog Prince

Amphi was the youngest of the royal litter. With his olive-green spotted skin and long webbed feet, he was quite a looker. Being the youngest and the only male among the royal offspring, his parents and his sisters were fiercely protective of him. Since he was way too young for frog school, he stayed in … Continue reading short story #14: The Frog Prince

short story #13: A Cup of Love

To the normal people (as Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie called the non-magical folk), Happy, Wonder, Sweety, and Naughty appeared like cute, miniature snowmen. But in reality, they were the trusted, enchanted minions of Uncle Albert. They stood guard and watched over "A Cup of Love" cafe - Uncle Albert's latest project for the non-magical … Continue reading short story #13: A Cup of Love

short story #12: Grandma Agnes’ tryst with driving

50 years later, the sight of the abandoned car in the middle of a deserted farmhouse brought back memories.Agnes and Dave had driven to the open field.Agnes had taken Dave up, on his word.Something that he hadn't expected her to do.But he had obliged, delighted at the idea of spending more time with her.So here … Continue reading short story #12: Grandma Agnes’ tryst with driving