six word story #88

Work beckoned her but sleep prevailed.    

six word story #87

Reading healed her heart. Slowly, steadily.    

six word story #84

Amidst library bookshelves, they exchanged hearts. Author's Note: Yes. I know what you are wondering. Sadly, this was a tale set in the pre-corona world. I have not been feeling very creative this past weekend. I have taken a break from the blogosphere which is why I am yet to publish a roundup, yet to … Continue reading six word story #84

Three Line Tale #20: Do not enter

She wished to put an electric fence around her heart with a warning sign - one that proclaimed, "Danger, do not enter." The ones who had gained entry had ended up breaking her heart and shattering it into a million pieces. Putting her heart back together was a task that demanded her to stay away … Continue reading Three Line Tale #20: Do not enter

Ripped to shreds đź’”

Acid tongues lashed Unleashing a torrential downpour Of words that spewed out Burning red-hot Tearing through The tender walls Of their listeners' hearts Like a giant active volcano, The hurtful words Flowed like molten lava Fiercely churning Scathingly hot Burning everything That stood in their path Leaving nothing but Charred, broken remains In its wake … Continue reading Ripped to shreds đź’”