six word story #88

Work beckoned her but sleep prevailed.    

six word story #87

Reading healed her heart. Slowly, steadily.    

tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

As the planets aligned in a syzygy above them,The star-crossed lovers parted waysTheir careers and family pulled them apartTheir love was too fragile to survive the attack. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The Weekend Writing Prompt is hosted by Sammi on her blog - Sammi Cox. The challenge is … Continue reading tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

The secret vault

Deep in the confines of my heartThere is a locked vaultIt's well guardedBy walls so highThat not many would dare to climbLove is a fickle thingAnd my heart is too fragileIt has been brokenAnd pieced back together many timesOnly to be broken all over againAnd so I have locked it awayOnly the most deserving ones,Can … Continue reading The secret vault

Ripped to shreds đź’”

Acid tongues lashed Unleashing a torrential downpour Of words that spewed out Burning red-hot Tearing through The tender walls Of their listeners' hearts Like a giant active volcano, The hurtful words Flowed like molten lava Fiercely churning Scathingly hot Burning everything That stood in their path Leaving nothing but Charred, broken remains In its wake … Continue reading Ripped to shreds đź’”