Drunk on Life – A Zappai

I am drunk on lifeeveryday, a new challengeI love to enjoy At times, life can feel too much like a struggle. But the more you fight against something, the more of a chore it becomes. When we really look forward to something, it seems like less of a chore. The task was to write a … Continue reading Drunk on Life – A Zappai


Jealousy- A Kimo

the green monster rears its hideous head fed by insecurity and destroys happiness Jealousy can ruin so many bonds. The green-eyed monster mostly arises from lack of self-doubt and self-confidence and it can led to disastrous effects if left unchecked. What are your thoughts about jealousy? This Kimo on jealousy was written in response to … Continue reading Jealousy- A Kimo

Hatred – A Hay(na)ku

Hatredinfiltrates heartsdarkens their lives Hatred is a string feeling indeed but unlike its lighter counterpart love, it is much more darker. Hatred destroys more of you than the person (or even an object!) towards whom it is directed. But still, we are humans after all and it is extremely unlikely that we would go about … Continue reading Hatred – A Hay(na)ku


character unfurlslike petals in a floweruncovered by time It takes time to completely know a person. It takes some for most character traits to truly reveal themselves. Sometimes, we never truly know a person. We only see what they choose to show us. What are your thoughts on this? This post was written in response … Continue reading Unfurling

Three Line Tale #32: The mysterious guest

Nainika, Ananya, and Kavya huddled together behind the curtains as they struggled to get a better view of the mysterious guest performer for the Annual Ballet event. The identities of this guest had been a closely guarded secret and everyone was extremely curious just like the triplets huddled behind the stage. From their viewpoint behind … Continue reading Three Line Tale #32: The mysterious guest

Three Line Tale #31: Hidden in plain sight

People stared a lot at the unusually well-dressed scarecrow in the middle of the field of marigolds who stood out amidst the orange backdrop with his black riding jacket and the shiny black helmet with a dark visor that concealed his face. Though they were curious, the villagers never approached the scarecrow, and so the … Continue reading Three Line Tale #31: Hidden in plain sight

short story #17: In search of food…

The heat of the afternoon sun was unbearable. Ammu didn't know how long she had been walking for. Food was scarce and she was extremely hungry. Ammu hadn't eaten in days. Hunger and desperation were clawing her from inside out. She was alone, separated from her family, and lost. The thick forest cover was slowly … Continue reading short story #17: In search of food…