This too shall pass

I looked at the dark stormy skyDark rain-laden clouds,Sailed over my headDrifting at the wind's mercyI watched a quartet of geeseSoar higher and higherAs they made their wayAcross the dark skyI watched them fly awayTheir sizes growing smallerAnd smallerUntil they were just tiny specksI envied their freedomI wished I could soar highAnd fly away like … Continue reading This too shall pass

A fun game and a bit of wishful thinking!

Who knew that snails and cricket could play cricket and make us have so much fun in the process. I swear this is one of most addictive Google Doodle games ever! Initially, I just couldn't get past the 100 mark! I would get bowled out in the late nineties. It's a disappointment to get so … Continue reading A fun game and a bit of wishful thinking!


All they wanted was a habitat - a place to call their own, and a chance to survive... But humans had other plans. © 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. "By the year 2100, human activities such as pollution, land clearing, and overfishing may drive more than half of the world's marine and land species … Continue reading Survive…

First impressions!

doubt, google

They say that the first impression is the best impression. But I tend to disagree with that. First impressions aren't always the best. That's what I feel. Sometimes, nope scratch that, most of the time, it takes so long to really know a person. Many a time, our first impression about a person isn't always … Continue reading First impressions!

tiny tale #7: Conquering fears

With a deep breath, she braced herself and conquered her fears. Ignoring the voices in her head that called for perfectionism, she hit "Publish". She decided that an imperfect, published post was better than a perfect draft. This post was written in response to today's Daily Prompt: Conquer Click here to read all my tiny tales. … Continue reading tiny tale #7: Conquering fears