It’s a new record!

All thanks to me being holed up at home, I have been posting multiple posts in a day. And I have a new record for the most number of likes in a single day - 279! This is the silver lining in the dark cloud that quarantine is. A big shout-out and thank you to … Continue reading It’s a new record!

And it’s a new record! đŸ˜

A huge thank you to all of you who made this happen. Thank you so much ❤️

Announcement #1

Hello my dear readers, I've got great news to share with you! I will go into details straight away. 🙂 1. I have published over 50 posts on My Random Ramblings! (which will henceforth be referred to as MRR.) 2. 300 followers! It's been a while since MRR gathered 300 follows. Sadly, WordPress doesn't hand out … Continue reading Announcement #1

500 Likes! Yay :D

achievement, 500 likes

500 likes. 😍 Yay! 😊 The milestones just keep on coming. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Every like, comment and new follow fills my heart with so much happiness. Here's to all of my wonderful supporters and fellow bloggers. I couldn't have done this without you. Thanks again and have a great … Continue reading 500 Likes! Yay đŸ˜€