Open Letter #2: Dear Chester Bennington,

Dear Chester, I can't quite believe that you've been gone for over a year. It seems as if it were yesterday that I heard that shocking news for the first time. I stared blankly, reading and re-reading the message. Surely, it couldn't be true! The message didn't sink in then. Neither did it sink in … Continue reading Open Letter #2: Dear Chester Bennington,

#AtoZChallenge: C is for Chester! (six word story #14)

Chester, your voice will live forever. #gonebutneverforgotten Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh Author's Note: Dedicated to the late Chester Bennington... This one is for all the Linkin Park fans. In memory of yet another musician who died too soon. That's the thing about artists and writers. They'll live through their works. Here are the links to … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: C is for Chester! (six word story #14)

Beginnings and Endings…

Endings aren't all that bad. They make way for wonderful beginnings, There's nothing sad about endings. After all, it's just the start of something new. Life is like music that changes its beats continuously, never stopping, always changing... Change is a constant. And, while it might seem a bit hard to adapt to the new … Continue reading Beginnings and Endings…

To All the Voices I’ve Ever Loved!

This might sound crazy. For all I know, I might be the only one with this particular "affliction"! That does not make me hesitate the least in admitting this. I get "voice crushes" all the time! Okay, let me explain. Hopefully, the idea might seem less ridiculous once I'm through with my explanation. There are songs … Continue reading To All the Voices I’ve Ever Loved!