Sparks fly

Minds soar high, hearts raceLove spreads its magic aroundSparks fly, bonds grow strong I don't exactly believe in love at first sight. It happens more in fiction than that in reality. Most people require more than that to actually fall in love. But there might be a lucky few who do fall in love at … Continue reading Sparks fly

Three Line Tale #45: A home…

They didn't live in a posh localityThe nearest shop was miles awayBut they had a home, not just a house This post was written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 281 prompt by Sonya. Thanks to Sonya for hosting this challenge. If you want to participate, please visit the link for instructions and other … Continue reading Three Line Tale #45: A home…

With you…

If I am ever stuckWithout even the slightest bit of luckIn the middle of nowhereWith no way to get out of there,I hope it will be with youTo keep me company all the way throughCome sunshine or rainI know you will always remainBy my side through it allWhen I am with you,My troubles seem smallMy … Continue reading With you…

I am Superdog!

I may not look like Superman But I am a hero in my own right You might think That I am not smart enough When you see me Chasing butterflies or even my own tail at times! But, you see, it's just a facade All superheroes need a cover A fake identity to hide behind … Continue reading I am Superdog!

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #75 – The Roundup Post

The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #75 was: Love. Here's the roundup post for 6WSP #75: By Piper Pierce at Piper's Adventures: Alpha to forever love never dies. By Susi Bocks at I Write Her: Puppy love has my heart spinning. By Barbara at teleportingweena: Daughter’s new puppy ‘Goose’ – Puppy Love. By Joelle: … Continue reading Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #75 – The Roundup Post

six word story #102

Happiness beckoned. Fear held her back.    

tiny tale #90: Self-love

It took her a while, but ultimately she realized that the only person she could always count on was herself. (20 words)This post was written in response to the Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 14 prompt. Thank you, Bulbul for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to weave a tale in exactly 20 words based on the given … Continue reading tiny tale #90: Self-love

six word story #101

Unfortunately, painkillers did not cure heartbreaks.    

six word story #95

Between book covers, their love existed.    

Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!

Darsh hesitantly followed Amala, his fiancee as she led him to the "special place" that she had selected as a venue for their wedding.Amala looked at him expectantly as she waited for him to say something… anything.As he looked at her, he realized that the garden in the middle of nowhere had a certain charm … Continue reading Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!

Five years later…

Five years ago, our lives were changed forever. This day snatched away a very precious part of our family. We lost Rocky, our beloved Labrador Retriever to a prolonged illness. Our family lost a beloved son. I lost my constant partner in crime, my huggable moron, the only soul who could melt my heart with … Continue reading Five years later…

six word story #88

Work beckoned her but sleep prevailed.    

six word story #87

Reading healed her heart. Slowly, steadily.    

short story #34: The Wall of Love

Amora managed to drag herself off the bed to take a look at her "wall of love". Depression had started to rear its ugly head. She could feel it stirring deep within her chest. She could feel happiness draining out of her slowly, only to be replaced by a sickening feeling of emptiness. It was … Continue reading short story #34: The Wall of Love

six word story #84

Amidst library bookshelves, they exchanged hearts. Author's Note: Yes. I know what you are wondering. Sadly, this was a tale set in the pre-corona world. I have not been feeling very creative this past weekend. I have taken a break from the blogosphere which is why I am yet to publish a roundup, yet to … Continue reading six word story #84

Love Interrupted

The hall was decorated well Lit with strings of fairy lights, Lined with rose petals, Hearts and candles galore, Leading up to a small table Covered with a white lace cloth A ring of fragrant roses, And a bottle of perfume Claimed the centre of the table Roses were her favourite And so was the … Continue reading Love Interrupted

tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

As the planets aligned in a syzygy above them, The star-crossed lovers parted ways Their careers and family pulled them apart Their love was too fragile to survive the attack. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The Weekend Writing Prompt is hosted by Sammi on her blog - Sammi Cox. … Continue reading tiny tale #79: Star-crossed

Mystic moonlight

In the pale white light cast by the Full Moon,The pond shimmered and shone,Every ripple momentarily distortingThe lone white Orb in the dark night skyThe night-blooming jasmine slowly bloomed,Shyly peeking up at her knight in shining armour They admired each other from afarEvery day, the white prince roamed the night skyWaxing and waning, until he's … Continue reading Mystic moonlight

I wish

I wish that I had known better than to let you go,I wish that I had shut out my inner demons,I wish I had ignored the voices that told me to walk away from you.I wish that I had listened to my heart,I wish I hadn't followed someone else's dream that was forced on me.I … Continue reading I wish

six word story #63

One blind date changed his life. This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #40: Date. Click on the link to read entries from my fellow bloggers. Do keep checking this space every Saturday at 8PM IST for a new #6WSP prompt. 🙂 Click here to know more about … Continue reading six word story #63

Three Line Tale #20: Do not enter

She wished to put an electric fence around her heart with a warning sign - one that proclaimed, "Danger, do not enter." The ones who had gained entry had ended up breaking her heart and shattering it into a million pieces. Putting her heart back together was a task that demanded her to stay away … Continue reading Three Line Tale #20: Do not enter

six word story #62

Death broke their promises of forever. This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #39: Forever. Click on the link to read entries from my fellow bloggers. Do keep checking this space every Saturday at 8PM IST for a new #6WSP prompt. 🙂 Click here to know more about … Continue reading six word story #62

This Is Love

I have entered the following post for the Thursday Poetry Competition. The prompt for this week was Love. Thanks to H.R PHOENIX for hosting this challenge. 🙂

This post was first published on My Random Ramblings on February 12, 2017.

My Random Ramblings

She loved him with all her heart…
Even though they were yet to have their first meeting.
And when they did meet after the long wait,
It was nothing like she had expected it to be…
Her love for him grew as she gazed into his wonder-filled eyes,
Her eyes overflowed with tears as she watched him curl his tiny fingers around hers.
She held him close to her heart which was threatening to burst from all the emotion.
She held him in her hands, her eyes never leaving his face,
She smiled through her tears as she listened to him wailing.
She was his first love,
And he was her little boy,
And that was the first and the last time she had smiled while he cried…

© 2017 Shweta Suresh.All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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Three Line Tale #19: A cloud on the horizon

Even as a kid, he used to love solving puzzles and jigsaws. That ability had boosted his career as a homicide detective. Yet he found himself unable to solve life's latest puzzle for him - love. This post was written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 225 prompt by Sonya. Thanks to Sonya for … Continue reading Three Line Tale #19: A cloud on the horizon

To All the Mothers

A new day had dawnedAnd I woke up todayTo statuses, messages,And collages galore,Each proclaimingTheir creator's loveFor their mothers.Today is Mother's Day!But do we need a day?To appreciate, applaudLove and cherishThe wonderful angelsThat mothers areWhen we can do it,Everyday? They say thatGod couldn't be everywhereAnd so he created mothersUndisputedly and truly,One of his greatest creations.Their love, … Continue reading To All the Mothers