tiny tale #66: What’s that creature, daddy?

I'd like to remind you that the following is a work of fiction. It's a conversation between a dad and his little girl.What's that creature, daddy?Oh, this one? That's a green sea turtle, Mia.A tuurrtlle?Turtle, darling. Sadly, we rarely get to see them anymore. Scientists even fear that they might be extinct.Extind? What's that, daddy?Remember … Continue reading tiny tale #66: What’s that creature, daddy?


tiny tale #64: Finding Forever

"Yes. Yesssss! Of course, I will! This is one of the happiest days of my life.", she said, looking down at him with tears in her eyes. She went home that day with her own little bundle of joy who couldn't stop wagging his tail. She named him Forever. She gained a new best friend, … Continue reading tiny tale #64: Finding Forever

tiny tale #63: Is there a thief in the house?

The noise had scared Nia. Armed with her flashlight and pepper spray, she set off to probe. She'd turned off the the kitchen light! Now it was on! She saw the thief with her cake and screamed. The thief just laughed. It was her absentee flatmate who had returned for a midnight dessert! (280 characters) … Continue reading tiny tale #63: Is there a thief in the house?

tiny tale #62: The story of the forgotten bicycle…

Their mothers had met at a pregnancy class. Born a few minutes apart, Jenny and Ryan were inseparable. They had always cycled to school together.Jenny's diagnosis put an end to their routine. Her bicycle now lay abandoned by her window. That didn't stop Ryan from visiting her every day. As her chemo sessions grew more … Continue reading tiny tale #62: The story of the forgotten bicycle…

six word story #48

Needed a vacation, Got overtime instead! This post was written in response to The Daily Spur's prompt for today: vacation. Click on the link to know more about this challenge and to read entries from my fellow bloggers. Please click here to read the six word stories that I've previously published on this blog. Please … Continue reading six word story #48