The golden rays recede Forced to retreat, to withdraw, As twilight chases the day away Drawing the curtains temporarily On the daily war waged in the skies Turning the tables in the battle between the Sun and the Moon, As the balance shifts From the light to the dark The Sun makes his way to … Continue reading Twilight


Dusk prepares to settle down The golden prince takes his leave A cloud of misty vapour veils his exit The ripples in the lake care not that the day has given way to night Having had his fill of the beautiful scenery the lone child at the pier hurries home, hurrying to get home before … Continue reading Nightfall

Mystic moonlight

In the pale white light cast by the Full Moon,The pond shimmered and shone,Every ripple momentarily distortingThe lone white Orb in the dark night skyThe night-blooming jasmine slowly bloomed,Shyly peeking up at her knight in shining armour They admired each other from afarEvery day, the white prince roamed the night skyWaxing and waning, until he's … Continue reading Mystic moonlight

six word story #49

2.1 km separated hope from reality. This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #2: hope. In the early hours of 7th September 2019, what was expected to be a historic moment for ISRO turned into a nightmare. At a height of 2.1km above the lunar surface, Vikram … Continue reading six word story #49