To All the Mothers

A new day had dawnedAnd I woke up todayTo statuses, messages,And collages galore,Each proclaimingTheir creator's loveFor their mothers.Today is Mother's Day!But do we need a day?To appreciate, applaudLove and cherishThe wonderful angelsThat mothers areWhen we can do it,Everyday? They say thatGod couldn't be everywhereAnd so he created mothersUndisputedly and truly,One of his greatest creations.Their love, … Continue reading To All the Mothers

tiny tale #69: Mama’s girl

Was that a knock?" that you? What happened, baby?"Seema sighed and turned away from her computer. It was impossible to work without getting interrupted!The door opened and in walked her 8-year-old."Mama, do you have some fabric glue ?".Seema decided to play along. "Sure, darling. What's it for?""'s for a project. I'll show it to you … Continue reading tiny tale #69: Mama’s girl

tiny tale #4: Doubt

doubt, google

Whenever she had a doubt, she turned to Google for help. *Okay Google* "Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?" *Okay Google* "What is the Nyquist stability criterion?" and on and on went her list of doubts. But when life threw her a curveball, she ditched Google and called her mother. This post was written in … Continue reading tiny tale #4: Doubt