Hot, dry summer morning Try at it might, sunlight failed To pry apart the wall of greenery Diminished in strength from its effort It filtered through as thin beams Illuminating the tunnel of greenery With its golden beams The sun will always find a way to shine through. Light will always find a way. Darkness … Continue reading Sunlight

Cloudy skies

The afternoon sun's rays Paints a canvas of brilliant azure Blissful blue sky Luminous and bewitching Spotted with white, fluffy clouds Wispy and fuzzy Like balls of cotton They sail across the azure sky Engulfing the sun Plunging the sky into darkness. Their ragged edges glow brightly Courtesy of their radiant victim Gradually, they release … Continue reading Cloudy skies

Life – A celebration

Life is too short Say goodbye to grudges and regrets And be a good sport. Don't waste life chasing after assets Happiness should come first Celebrate life to the fullest Make memories for they always last We only get one chance at life Make every second count Let light chase the darkness away Let positivity … Continue reading Life – A celebration

Dark clouds

It takes only a moment, For nature to change its colours. One moment, it's bright and sunny And the next moment, It can turn dull and overcast. If observed keenly, One can see the dark clouds Approaching closer, Far across the horizon, Threatening to cast us in darkness. The clouds follow the will Of the … Continue reading Dark clouds


Grief is a powerful feeling They say it has seven stages I don't know about that But I strongly believe That grief is like the waves, In a turbulent sea. It comes and goes But it sustains, In a never-ending manner. It grips your heart, Forces you to have Ups and downs Over and over … Continue reading Grief

Hidden in plain sight

I have been here For a long while I'm nearly as old As these hills themselves I have seen these hills transform From young mountains To a lush green expanse Though I exist in plain sight I am virtually invisible People only notice me When I cross the invisible boundary That they have set for … Continue reading Hidden in plain sight

The purple dreamland

The field stretched far and wide As far as my eye could see And much beyond, too I trod the path carefully The narrow path that lay Between the thick purple bushes That was trodden so often That the purple had given way To a clearing It was the only patch of white That remained … Continue reading The purple dreamland