They say thatBeggars can't be choosersChoices are a luxuryAn extravagance,Denied to many.Having a choice is greatIt's better than no choicesBut too many choicesCan't be a good thingIs it just me?Or does anyone else feel so?Choices, if one too many,Can be confusingSelecting one becomes a chore.When life provides choices,Each one comes with a catch.Every choice has … Continue reading Choices…

Variety is the spice of life

When I was just a child Adulting seemed fascinating. It seemed like A tempting bowl of candy Within my line of sight That I just couldn't reach. But as an adult, I realised that Looks can be deceiving. Life isn't an easy ride. It's an epic rollercoaster ride, A crazy mix, Of happiness, sadness, Anger, … Continue reading Variety is the spice of life

Love Interrupted

The hall was decorated wellLit with strings of fairy lights,Lined with rose petals,Hearts and candles galore,Leading up to a small tableCovered with a white lace clothA ring of fragrant roses,And a bottle of perfumeClaimed the centre of the tableRoses were her favouriteAnd so was the "Flowerbomb" perfumeWhich was strategically placedTo hide a tiny velvet jewel … Continue reading Love Interrupted


Tick tock, Tick tock, Time doesn't wait for anyone Nor does it rewind And offer us a chance To re-live our favourite moments Time is its own boss The master of almost everything! The scariest of alarms The healer of the deepest of wounds One who can erase Even the ugliest of memories From our … Continue reading Time

A Prayer to The Creator

Oh magnificent creatorOf the seven seas, sky and land,The Sun, Moon, Earth,Galaxies and organisms,Deserts and forests,I bow before youI am but a tiny partOf your wonderful creationsGuide me when I am lostSave me when I am drowning,In the ocean of lifeEnlighten my mind,When I seek for knowledgeBrighten my worldWhen darkness is all that I can … Continue reading A Prayer to The Creator