The purple dreamland

The field stretched far and wideAs far as my eye could seeAnd much beyond, tooI trod the path carefullyThe narrow path that layBetween the thick purple bushesThat was trodden so oftenThat the purple had given wayTo a clearingIt was the only patch of whiteThat remained in my sightI walked till my feet hurtAnd pleaded meTo … Continue reading The purple dreamland

Mystic moonlight

In the pale white light cast by the Full Moon,The pond shimmered and shone,Every ripple momentarily distortingThe lone white Orb in the dark night skyThe night-blooming jasmine slowly bloomed,Shyly peeking up at her knight in shining armour They admired each other from afarEvery day, the white prince roamed the night skyWaxing and waning, until he's … Continue reading Mystic moonlight

I wish

I wish that I had known better than to let you go,I wish that I had shut out my inner demons,I wish I had ignored the voices that told me to walk away from you.I wish that I had listened to my heart,I wish I hadn't followed someone else's dream that was forced on me.I … Continue reading I wish

A glimmer in the distance

I walked through the barren expanseBraving the scorching heatThe desert stretched into the distanceAs far as my eye could seeMy parched mouth and cracked lipsYearned for waterBut, water was nowhere to be foundThat's when I noticedA flash of silver in the horizonI pushed myselfHalf walking, half crawling,Towards the glimmer in the distanceThe silver speck beckoned … Continue reading A glimmer in the distance


Dear childhood, When I was small, all I wanted was to grow up. Just so that I could be an adult who could do anything she wanted, without being told that, “You’re too small for that. Wait till you grow up”. I hated having to wake up, and get dressed for school. All I wanted … Continue reading Childhood