six word story #96

Family - much more than blood ties. This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #59: Family. Click on the link to read entries from my fellow bloggers. Click here to know more about this challenge. I just managed to pull off 200+ days worth of a writing streak … Continue reading six word story #96

short story #36: At first sight…

Nina was on a shopping spree when she came across the stunningly handsome model. His incredibly good looks were even more accentuated by his confidence. He was wearing the Autumn-Winter collection by the Veli - a leading apparel brand. Nina craved to own Veli's collections but she gave in to her brain's (and her wallet's) … Continue reading short story #36: At first sight…

Three Line Tale #36: The unexpected intruder

She knew that there was a high possibility that she had been captured on any one of the numerous surveillance cameras that were planted inconspicuously, but she had stolen all the data that her people needed. But she didn't have much to fear since there was nothing incriminating - her identity was well concealed. The … Continue reading Three Line Tale #36: The unexpected intruder

six word story #95

Between book covers, their love existed.    

Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!

Darsh hesitantly followed Amala, his fiancee as she led him to the "special place" that she had selected as a venue for their wedding.Amala looked at him expectantly as she waited for him to say something… anything.As he looked at her, he realized that the garden in the middle of nowhere had a certain charm … Continue reading Three Line Tale #35: (Not) At first sight!