The playdate

Carefree playdate Fun won over cleanliness Dirt didn't deter them Puppy and his human played Covered in mud, yet happy! This story was written in response to Dakshali's Saturday Picture Prompt Plate a.k.a PPP #3. The challenge is to use the given photo prompt and create an original poem, prose, story or anything related to the picture. … Continue reading The playdate


From the streets of Manali

For some reason, I find myself running out of inspiration (and time!) to create new posts. So I decided to repost of the first posts on my blog. This particular post was originally published on February 15,2015. I hope you will enjoy this blast from the past! I first saw him on the streets of … Continue reading From the streets of Manali

Three Line Tale #29: The beachside wedding

Amal and Shreya's beach wedding turned out to be a beautiful ceremony and every bit awesome as planned.But, the guests were broken from their happy spell when they discovered that Niharika, Amal's little niece, who was also the flower girl, was missing.After a frantic search, they found that Niharika had found a new friend on … Continue reading Three Line Tale #29: The beachside wedding

Three Line Tale #4: The paw painter!

She came home to a find her snow-white puppy was covered in any colour but white! A quick trip to her art room revealed the reason. Biscuit had somehow managed to get in, yet again. © 2018 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. Written in response to prompt by Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for hosting … Continue reading Three Line Tale #4: The paw painter!