Three Line Tale #44: Without light…

Even rainbows need light to come alive and be seen Without light, colours lose their identity Even peacocks seem rather ordinary under the veil of darkness! Colours make all the difference in life. And light enables those of us blessed with the gift of sight to appreciate it. The world would be a very dull … Continue reading Three Line Tale #44: Without light…

The castle in the woods – a tiny tale

The relentless waves of covid and the never-ending lockdowns had affected the magical community too. Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie were forced to close down their café and retire to their castle in the woods. To a non-magic eye, the castle seemed like a dilapidated, abandoned shelter amidst an overgrown yard. But the castle served … Continue reading The castle in the woods – a tiny tale

Three Line Tale #43: Are You Happy Now?

Vimal unwrapped the towel that was rolled into a ball and left at the door of his apartment. "Are You Happy Now?" read the towel with an arrow pointing to the other side which read "Open the door; happiness awaits you". Though he was shocked and a little apprehensive, Vimal turned the key in the … Continue reading Three Line Tale #43: Are You Happy Now?

Plastic! – a tiny tale

Matilda had always been obsessed with environmental issues. She did her best to be more environment-friendly. She had always wanted to come with a solution to the never-ending plastic problem. Passionate about saving the environment, she even made a career (and eventually a start-up) out of it.Matilda developed a way of recycling even the stubbornest … Continue reading Plastic! – a tiny tale

The memory lane – a short story

Mindy had been cleaning out her attic when an old photograph fell to the floor and caught her attention. She picked up the old photo, dusted it off and stared at it. A wave of nostalgia hit her with the force of a speeding train. Her memories took her back to a time when her … Continue reading The memory lane – a short story