Three Line Tale #26: The Wall of Memories

Fond memories flooded his mind as he stood staring at the walls that were heavily covered by sketches, doodles, and scribbling. He was just a newborn when the orphanage had found him - one among the many who had been deserted by their parents at birth. Today, he was a famous footballer, but he never … Continue reading Three Line Tale #26: The Wall of Memories

Three Line Tale #25: Bubble Bath Day

Uh oh, it's the bubble bath day, and here comes the giant human to pick me up. Although my siblings love the bubble bath, I absolutely detest it. So here I am, floating in the foamy water, with a sad face trying my best to stay away from the little humans! This post was written … Continue reading Three Line Tale #25: Bubble Bath Day

tiny tale #80: Messy kitchen diaries

Anna measured out all the ingredients in her vast kitchen. She didn't bother checking the recipe. She was fairly certain she could pull it off. This was not the first time she had baked a chocolate cake.An hour later, the cake was in the oven. Her sink was overflowing with measuring cups, flour sifter, broken … Continue reading tiny tale #80: Messy kitchen diaries

Three Line Tale #24: Crossing the bridge

An ear-splitting crash and a sense of being thrown were all that she experienced in her last moments. When she regained consciousness, she was on a wooden bridge, with a bicycle in her hand, walking towards a city full of skyscrapers whose silhouettes were a bright contrast against the setting glow of the sun. She … Continue reading Three Line Tale #24: Crossing the bridge

Hansel & Gretel – A re-telling

On the fringes of a dense forest there lived a poor family of four. The father was a poor woodcutter who struggled to make ends meet to provide for his wife, son, and daughter. The boy's name was Hansel and the girl's name was Gretel. Though they were poor when it came to wealth, their … Continue reading Hansel & Gretel – A re-telling