short story #27: Crossroads

It was well past midnight. The streets were dimly lit by the overhead lamps. The roads were empty and the shops had all closed for the day. The otherwise busy intersection was now deserted. Even the traffic signals had retired after a busy day's work and were flashing amber. This was the very traffic signal … Continue reading short story #27: Crossroads

short story #22: A Statue’s Musings

One would assume that one mistake would be enough. One might even think that humans would learn not to repeat the same mistake over and over again. An invisible virus shook their world and brought them to their knees. Things got so worse so fast that many humans went into "hibernation" mode. They stayed holed … Continue reading short story #22: A Statue’s Musings

short story #12: Grandma Agnes’ tryst with driving

50 years later, the sight of the abandoned car in the middle of a deserted farmhouse brought back memories.Agnes and Dave had driven to the open field.Agnes had taken Dave up, on his word.Something that he hadn't expected her to do.But he had obliged, delighted at the idea of spending more time with her.So here … Continue reading short story #12: Grandma Agnes’ tryst with driving

short story #10: Lost Treasures

It's amazing - the things that one will come across when they finally get their lazy selves to finally clean up the messy storage room. (read: the go-to place to dump anything and everything, provided it doesn't rot and smell) Imagine Ted's surprise, when he finally found the slightly rusted but otherwise "perfect" parts that … Continue reading short story #10: Lost Treasures

short story #8: Crow vs Raven…

Aman: It's a raven. Rohith: No, it's a crow. What even makes you think it's a raven? A: Crows always travel in groups, ergo, it's not a crow. R: Well, ravens mostly travel in pairs. So how come your raven isn't? A: It's not my raven. Wait, so you agree that it's a raven? R: … Continue reading short story #8: Crow vs Raven…