Three Line Tale #7: Karma

Young and reckless, they believed that laws were meant to be broken. They took turns to break the glass and spray-paint graffiti and transformed the museum window into an eyesore. But Karma had the last laugh as their actions were finally caught on camera. Written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 185 prompt … Continue reading Three Line Tale #7: Karma

Three Line Tale #6: Family ♥️

It was their first trip aboard as a family and this time around, the kids were picking up the tab. After a lot of slips, trips, and falls, huffing and puffing, the parents finally managed to get a hang of ice skating. They held hands as they watched their kids engaged in a fierce game … Continue reading Three Line Tale #6: Family ♥️

Three Line Tale #2: A trail of yellow

The intruder alarm had been turned off, the cameras were disabled and the entire place was trashed. The burglars had managed to escape after cleaning out the cash registers and the cashier was nowhere to be found. After hours of searching, his body was found... buried under the newly arrived batch of yellow pencil stoppers. © … Continue reading Three Line Tale #2: A trail of yellow