six word story #102

Happiness beckoned. Fear held her back.    

Three Line Tale #39: Dark and gloomy

She stared at the lone crow perched on the leafless branch even as tears flowed freely from her eyes. Her life suddenly seemed as dark and gloomy as the night. In one fell swoop, the accident had stolen the reason behind all her happiness and smiles. This post was written in response to the Three … Continue reading Three Line Tale #39: Dark and gloomy

six word story #101

Unfortunately, painkillers did not cure heartbreaks.    

six word story #100

Lost his balance, then his life.    

Three Line Tale #37: Overcompensating…

Aditi sighed as she stared at the huge bundle of toys that fell out from the cupboard as soon as she opened it.There were enough toys to fill a toystore, and then some, courtesy of family and friends, but sadly she couldn't just convince them that smothering her little son with toys wasn't going to … Continue reading Three Line Tale #37: Overcompensating…