Goodbye – a tiny tale

She was happy that they had come to visit her. She had watched them play under her shade as kids. As teens, they had tried to climb her branches to snatch her fruit. She rarely got to see them as they passed into their adulthood. Little did she know that they had arrived to see … Continue reading Goodbye – a tiny tale

Evolution – a tiny tale

In a very disturbing turn of events, several trees all over the world surprised humans with their newfound ability to move! It has been reported that several trees all over the world uprooted themselves and started moving forward haphazardly, leaving a trail of mass destruction in their wake. Scientists are quite baffled by this new … Continue reading Evolution – a tiny tale

tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special

Thousands of saplings were planted, The ever-diminishing greenery heaved a sigh of relief. But Mother Earth had more pressing worries, for, along with the saplings came thousands of plastic covers... abandoned... left to the mercy of the Forces of Nature. Author's Note: A rather ironic tale, if I dare say so myself. Especially, since I … Continue reading tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special