This too shall pass

I looked at the dark stormy skyDark rain-laden clouds,Sailed over my headDrifting at the wind's mercyI watched a quartet of geeseSoar higher and higherAs they made their wayAcross the dark skyI watched them fly awayTheir sizes growing smallerAnd smallerUntil they were just tiny specksI envied their freedomI wished I could soar highAnd fly away like … Continue reading This too shall pass

The secret vault

Deep in the confines of my heartThere is a locked vaultIt's well guardedBy walls so highThat not many would dare to climbLove is a fickle thingAnd my heart is too fragileIt has been brokenAnd pieced back together many timesOnly to be broken all over againAnd so I have locked it awayOnly the most deserving ones,Can … Continue reading The secret vault