A Prayer to The Creator

Oh magnificent creator Of the seven seas, sky and land, The Sun, Moon, Earth, Galaxies and organisms, Deserts and forests, I bow before you I am but a tiny part Of your wonderful creations Guide me when I am lost Save me when I am drowning, In the ocean of life Enlighten my mind, When … Continue reading A Prayer to The Creator


short story #24: Tossing about (SoCS – Toss)

Meera cut all the vegetables that her mother had mentioned in the recipe. She was going to make a Pulav for the first time! The lockdown had forced her to become more active in the kitchen. Meera - who didn't know even the basics of cooking. She could effortlessly burn even the simplest of recipes. … Continue reading short story #24: Tossing about (SoCS – Toss)

short story #23: A blast from the past!

The walls of their little one-bedroom cottage were covered with tiny drawings. Each of those drawings was a multi-colored, intricate pattern, painstakingly drawn by Jamie. She loved to paint. One of her most favorite things to do was strike funny poses against the backdrop of her painting masterpieces. Dave was recollecting fond memories of his … Continue reading short story #23: A blast from the past!

The Castle of Mystery

The half-moon illuminated,The starless night skyThe moonlit castleSeemed eerie and hauntedSilhouetted against the dark skyThe majestic castleWas a thing of the pastAbandoned, and,Uninhabited by humans,But home to bats,And other creatures of the nightMost humans stayed awayFrom the mysterious castleThat always vanishedAs the first rays of the sunGreeted the worldThe few humansWho dared to ventureInto the … Continue reading The Castle of Mystery

tiny tale #78: A World of Difference

Dhyan was a special, little boy. His parents always told him so. He was the apple of their eye. However, the kids at the school thought differently. They called him a weirdo and competed with each other to come up with new nicknames for him. For all they knew, his name could have been Freak … Continue reading tiny tale #78: A World of Difference

tiny tale #77: Wanderlost

She had inherited her father's wanderlust.She dreamed of travelling far and wide.The numerous photos that her father had taken during his numerous trips only fuelled those dreamsWhenever she looked through those photos, her heart longed to visit and marvel at those wondrous places.But unfortunately, she was too broke to follow in his footsteps.But the photos … Continue reading tiny tale #77: Wanderlost

tiny tale #76: The haunted mansion

In the heart of the forest, there stood an old mansion that was widely known to be haunted. Every day as dusk dropped its dark veil over the surroundings, an eerie yellow glow would emit from the lone window at the top of the mansion. The occasional weird sounds that came from the mansion did … Continue reading tiny tale #76: The haunted mansion

tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

Rick and Kate watched their little girl, their eyes following her every moment. Their entwined hands gripped each other a little more tighter. They watched her look around in delight at the majestic tree that stood in the middle of the clearing. For a while, Amy sat on the bench, but she couldn't sit still … Continue reading tiny tale #74: A Sight to Behold

I remember

I remember, once,I had a human form.But my actions were,the most inhumane! Not a day passed by,when I had not tortured anyone.They called me sadistic,They warned me,that Karma will get to me. I had laughed at themMocked at their beliefsI was invincible,Or so I thought. But death is inevitableI never believed in re-birthsUntil I was … Continue reading I remember