The memory lane – a short story

Mindy had been cleaning out her attic when an old photograph fell to the floor and caught her attention. She picked up the old photo, dusted it off and stared at it. A wave of nostalgia hit her with the force of a speeding train. Her memories took her back to a time when her … Continue reading The memory lane – a short story

The unexpected encounter – a short story

The narrow alleyway leading to the wine shop was almost deserted except for a handful of people. With her nose buried deep in a book, Mia didn't notice the bridge or the adjoining steps until she stumbled and fell to her knees. To her pleasant surprise, she found herself being assisted by a tall, handsome … Continue reading The unexpected encounter – a short story

short story #33: Survival of the fittest…

The clouds kissed the top of the mountains and chased each other as they moved across the skies. They shed their burden as they moved, ushering in the first showers. The parched land lapped up the water, rejoicing at the onset of the monsoons. A magnificent tigress waited in the shade of the tall bushes, … Continue reading short story #33: Survival of the fittest…

short story #30: Déjà vu

The little brick house was the first and the only one that her father had built. Amala and her parents had turned the small house into a beautiful home. They had been extremely happy…until a freak accident snatched her father away from them. His death hit them hard - emotionally and financially. Amala and her … Continue reading short story #30: Déjà vu

Dark clouds

It takes only a moment,For nature to change its colours.One moment, it's bright and sunnyAnd the next moment,It can turn dull and overcast.If observed keenly,One can see the dark cloudsApproaching closer,Far across the horizon,Threatening to cast us in darkness.The clouds follow the willOf the mighty winds of change.They follow the wind's bidingWithout any protest.The clouds … Continue reading Dark clouds