Three Line Tale #46: The empty classrooms

The empty classrooms and playgrounds were tired of the deafening silence.Gone were the days when little humans graced those buildings with their presence.In a world where online classes were the norm, the school buildings felt abandoned, lonely, and unloved. This post was written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 292 prompt by Sonya. Thanks … Continue reading Three Line Tale #46: The empty classrooms

#AtoZChallenge: X? (tiny tale #31)

"Okay. Who can tell me the value of x in this question?", asked the teacher. As her students raced to be the first to solve the problem, the young teacher's memories took her back to the time when she was a student… (A flashback to 20 years before the present day) "Swati, have you been … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: X? (tiny tale #31)