#AtoZChallenge One-liner: B is for Binge-watching

Binge-watching (noun) A favourite pastime of most millennials; Watching all the seasons of your favourite series back to back (all thanks to Netflix/Prime video/Hotstar/YouTube and an unlimited WiFi connection) and the one of the things that's saving my sanity during the lockdown. This is day #9 of the lockdown here in India. I'm safe in … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: B is for Binge-watching

Tragic, tragic tales

What's with tragedy and critical appreciation? They have a weird, twisted affair. I'm sure of that. I have always been confounded by the fact that some of the much-appreciated works of literature are tales so tragic, that I get depressed by the very thought of it. Consider the following works - Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, … Continue reading Tragic, tragic tales

Larger Than Life..

Very few will pass up a ticket to the cinema. No one can quite explain why they watch movies - I mean, Duh! it's something that we do, we never question our intentions behind watching movies! As far as I'm concerned, there's only the question of "Is it worth my time?". This question is inevitably … Continue reading Larger Than Life..