short story #9: Tricks of the trade…

Exchanging smug looks, the girls looked down at the gridlock that was moving at a speed worse than a snail’s pace.
All thanks to Amy’s out of the box thinking, the girl gang wouldn’t miss their weekend bachelorette party.
Ironic that the very thing that made them late in the first place would be the reason they reached their destination just in the nick of time.
There were many perks when your family ran a hot air balloon tour business.
But as the girls discovered that day, using hot air balloons to get to the airport wasn’t used by many!

(100 words)

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Image courtesy: Bikurgurl

26 thoughts on “short story #9: Tricks of the trade…

  1. Now I haven’t heard of anyone using air balloon as a mode of transport. It is considered as a premium travel experience these days in Khmer Rouge temples, Cappadocia, Pushkar Mela and elsewhere.


    1. Well, this is just fiction. And in my case, the character’s out-of-box thinking led to them using it as a quick transport to the airport. Things got more easier because one’s family ran a hot air balloon tour business.

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