Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #35 – The Roundup Post

I have successfully completed the #AtoZChallenge for the third time. 🙂 So, I am pleased to announce that from now on, the roundup posts will be published without delay. 🙂

The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #35 was: Smart.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #35:

By Sirisha Nandini Jala at queennandini: See how smart she’s made herself!

By June at jaquintinwriter: Smart person’s notebook contains creative skills.

By Anisha at CᖇazY Neᖇɗs: Reads lot, Speaks little, Labeled Loggerhead!

By Fandango at THIS, THAT, AND THE OTHER: Ingesting disinfectant is not very smart.

By Dave Madden at MMA Storytime: Smart fighters beat opponents into stupidity.

By Rhen Laird at Cobbled Contemplations: Smart wasn’t worth much…wisdom’s wealthy.

By Sadje at Keep It Alive: Be smart and know your limitations.

By Harsh at Cryptic’s World: More grades: smart, more creative: dumb.

By TiongHan at TiongHan’s Blog: When stupid people think they’re smart.

By Julie at writingiswonderful: “I’m so smart.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

By Dr Tanya at Salted Caramel: Be smart: ambitious, aware, active, alert.

By Anish Nair at The Poetic Prism: He stayed down and smartly waited.

Thanks to all of you for joining in. Hope to see you again next week. 🙂

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that all the responses to the prompt have been included in this roundup post. However, if I have accidentally missed out on any of your stories in this roundup, I am extremely sorry. Do let me know through the comments and I’ll add it to the roundup.

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