Food for Thought #5: Headaches…

Why do headaches exist?

Sometimes they come without warning. Sometimes they gather strength over a slight period of time and turn into vicious head-splitting headaches.

Have you ever come across a day when life seems perfect and then Wham! There’s this slight pain that starts near to your hairline… that is, unless you’ve got a receding hairline, in which case it’ll start somewhere near your temple! Stress, dealing with people and fate doesn’t make it any easier. And before you know it, you’ve got a full-blown headache and all you can do is barely drag yourself into the bed where you hope to sleep undisturbed for what seems like hours. Alas! If only it were that easy for sleep to save your from the raging headache. The pain makes you want to hit your head somewhere out of sheer desperation. You feel like pulling at your hair. You grind your teeth and keep your eyes screwed up tight, nearly smothering yourself against the pillow hoping that the pressure is enough to dull the pain. The struggle continues until you reach the energy level of a permanently exhausted pigeon and slowly drift off to a much needed sleep.

My Wi-Fi seems hell bent on making my life miserable. I just hope that my mobile data limit doesn’t get exhausted soon.

If something resonated with you, do let me know. Do let me know if you have a different opinion too. Conversations matter. Especially now, in the age of social distancing.

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32 thoughts on “Food for Thought #5: Headaches…

  1. Ahhh headaches!!!! I dread them, but fortunately they don’t target me very often! I’m no doctor, but is pulling suggest getting enough sleep would help. And also meditation. It helps enormously. In literally everything! I hope you don’t have much headaches from now on Shweta😄

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  2. Headaches. Interesting topic – do you have one? They certainly are uninvited visitors. Headaches can be caused by unlimited causes and vary in severity. Some people are rarely effected and others suffer them nearly daily.

    I have had some severe headaches but they are like lightning storms, few and far between and I am blessed that I can usually handle them quickly with tylenol.

    There are other headaches also, not physical ones, the kinds of troubles that we wish life didn’t include. Similar to physical pains, these also vary in severity.

    Perhaps you will like this analogy. Life gives us cherries to enjoy and savor, but cherries have stones. We spit out the stones and savor the fruit. Life also gives us many experiences we enjoy and cherish but it includes headaches, spit out the headaches and savor life instead.

    Best wishes on a Monday. – David

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    1. They are definitely unwanted visitors – the kind that tend to overstay their welcome! I’m glad that you can handle them quickly. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Yes, there are troubles that we wish we didn’t have to deal with.
      Oh I loved that analogy, David. Here’s to enjoying the cherries and spitting out the pits. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.


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