One-liner Wednesdays #39



A means of communication meant to make communicating with others simpler but ends up confusing the intended recipient even more if the “language” used is too complex!

This post was written in response to today’s One-Liner Wednesday challenge from Linda G. Hill. The challenge, as the name implies is to come up with a one-liner. Please click on the link to know more about the rules of this challenge and/or to read the other entries by my fellow bloggers.

You know what I am talking about, right? When someone uses words that make us run in search of a dictionary or look the word up in google, or when their accent is too thick that you can barely understand what they are saying!

Do you have any similar stories (good and bad!) to share? The comments section is all yours.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and well. Take care.

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47 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesdays #39

  1. I get that. I grew up in London, and there are SO many accents and dialects there, especially from other immigrants. You never know what kind of person you’re going to meet and you have to adapt to their accent. I also learned to speak clearly and slowly enough so people could understand me. It’s a skill for life!

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    1. Wow. You must have had quite the exposure to different languages and cultures too in that process.
      And oh yes, speaking slowly is the key. And it’s a skill for life. Often when I’m tensed, I end up speaking a bit too fast. Even when I force myself to speak slowly, I get complains that I’m speaking a bit too fast for their comfort! 😅

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      1. I did, yes. And I wouldn’t have exchanged it for anything! My neighborhood was representative of the former British Commonwealth. I get that. I had that problem a long time ago, but had to grow out of it pretty fast! When I spoke on the phone to my grandmother in the US years later, she praised me for speaking so beautifully. Gee, I wonder why? Lol

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      2. Well, I had to grow out of it. There was no choice in the matter. It was almost embarrassing to move back to the US and have to ask people to repeat what they said because they said it too fast. I also have a good friend from Shanghai and she said that my talking slowly enough was one of the first things she noticed about me. She did hear my British accent, but the speaking at a good pace was significant to her because she had problems understanding people in the US

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  2. There is one girl who is a vocabulary gem. One day she made a was a clear typo error. Still since it being her , I took my dictionary and gave a search for the word.. 😉.. and I didn’t hesitate to tell her my experiment too.. she was like, “oh akhila..”( just remembered that incident on reading your post)

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