Friends ❤️

Family unconnected by blood, and yet close-knit Real friends stay close to us In every sickness and health, they will be there Every joy and sorrow seems better with them No matter what life throws at us, Darkness or light, they don't care, So long as you go through it together! A true friend is … Continue reading Friends ❤️



Dear childhood, When I was small, all I wanted was to grow up. Just so that I could be an adult who could do anything she wanted, without being told that, “You’re too small for that. Wait till you grow up”. I hated having to wake up, and get dressed for school. All I wanted … Continue reading Childhood

This Is Love

I have entered the following post for the Thursday Poetry Competition. The prompt for this week was Love. Thanks to H.R PHOENIX for hosting this challenge. 🙂

This post was first published on My Random Ramblings on February 12, 2017.

My Random Ramblings

She loved him with all her heart…
Even though they were yet to have their first meeting.
And when they did meet after the long wait,
It was nothing like she had expected it to be…
Her love for him grew as she gazed into his wonder-filled eyes,
Her eyes overflowed with tears as she watched him curl his tiny fingers around hers.
She held him close to her heart which was threatening to burst from all the emotion.
She held him in her hands, her eyes never leaving his face,
She smiled through her tears as she listened to him wailing.
She was his first love,
And he was her little boy,
And that was the first and the last time she had smiled while he cried…

© 2017 Shweta Suresh.All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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