My latest writing obsession – Tiny Tales!

I have found a brand new writing obsession – micro fiction or more precisely, tiny tales. I have always been a huge fan of terribly tiny tales, but it wasn’t until recently that I started writing tiny tales. If you haven’t already heard of ttt, you should definitely pay their site a visit. Maybe, you’ll love terribly tiny tales (and micro fiction) as much as I do. Every day, terribly tiny tales publishes #tinytales sent in by a few lucky writers on their page. Needless to say, I have sent in my entries a few times *cough cough* but I guess they must have accidentally skipped over my tales! 😛

That’s when I came across this great app – Mirakee, aptly described as Instagram for Writers and Readers. It’s a great platform for creating, discovering and sharing micro fiction. And I absolutely love it. You can follow me on Mirakee here. Here are my first few posts on Mirakee:

tiny tale #1: Time


tiny tale #2: Biased


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