The Time zone problem!

I could be a morning person if only mornings happened around noon. Early mornings are not my cup of tea. No amount of tea can make mornings better for me. (I was never really into coffee. I’ll choose tea over coffee any day!) Anyway, now that I’ve established that I’m not a morning person, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the only days I wake up before sunrise are:

1. To watch the live telecast of Academy Awards.

2. Exam days and other miscellaneous events that require me to be awake at the crack of dawn. (read stuff that I can’t wiggle my way out of!)

Thanks to the time zone difference, I have to figure out the exact time at which the Oscar ceremony will take place according to my local time (India is 13 hours and 30 minutes ahead of The Dolby Theatre, LA – the home of the Academy Awards). The 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony is set to take place on Sunday, 26th February 2017. Once you figure in the time difference, that will be the unearthly Monday morning hours according to IST.  Always the diligent planner, I even set an alarm on my phone to remind me that I’ll have to go to sleep early so that I don’t miss the live telecast of the 89th Academy Awards. As soon I heard the alarm go off, I literally jumped out of my bed at the crack of dawn, ran to the TV and turned it on. For some reason, none of the channels seemed to be broadcasting the ceremony. “That’s strange”, I kept thinking to myself. But I had watched the advert a few times. So I knew that there had to be a live telecast. Despite browsing through all the channels that claimed to telecast the Academy Awards live on TV, I came up empty! I double checked the date on my phone. 26th of February – check and crack of dawn (IST) – check. And that’s when I finally discovered the reason. I had skipped the all important step of taking the time difference into consideration! The award ceremony will be broadcast live on TV in the early hours of 27th February, Monday according to IST. 😒 Argh, different time zones! Can’t believe I missed that!

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Image courtesy: Pexels

41 thoughts on “The Time zone problem!

    1. Thanks for reading, Meena ji 🙂 I like to believe that I can get up if needed too. But the bed feels so comfortable that it’s struggle to wake up. Yes, the time zone difference is frustrating! I am curious – did you have a similar experience?

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      1. Haha. We live in Nairobi, so calling my in laws at Malaysian time and keeping a word with my parents is India time is always a thing to be clear. And yes he time difference affects when we travel to Malaysia for holidays. It’s five hours before from here and we try to combat the jet lag in that single day itself. This is my story. Thanks a lot Shweta.

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      1. I’m rooting for La La Land, although I don’t think I need to because I’m almost sure it will win. I loved all the others, especially Moonlight. I still haven’t watched Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High water. What about you?

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      2. Of course! There’s so much on my watchlist. So many movies I want to watch. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone & rave reviews – I’ll definitely be watching La La Land. Thanks for the suggestion dear 🙂


  1. Hahaha😂 I have seen people miss their flight schedules because of this time thingy. Especially when the flights are after 12 midnight, a lot of people get confused. Some reach the airport prev day and some after the flight has left for its destination 😂😂

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