tiny tale #40: Forever

She debated with herself for a while, before finally succumbing to his charms.

She’d always had a soft spot for dogs. That day, the senior shelter dog that no one had wanted to adopt finally found a forever home. And they lived happily ever after*.

This post was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Succumb

* This is fiction after all! So we’ll just assume that they are immortal beings. 😉 (Just in case you were wondering about the plausibility of happily ever after.)

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Image courtesy: Pixabay

32 thoughts on “tiny tale #40: Forever

  1. Extended ending
    That ever after ended pretty quickly when the family relocated to another country. They left the dog behind to fend for itself.
    You might think that the dog must have hatred in his heart, but no. Dogs don’t know how to hate. They only know how to love.

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    1. Ohh my God! 😱 Now I understand what you meant when you said that it might get dark pretty soon!!! 🙄 She is a figment of my imagination. She’d never abandon her baby like that. 😉😝 But still, you’ve got a point. They don’t know hatred. They only know how to love!


      1. They can have abandonment issues. I heard about this one dog who got adopted. Every night the dog would watch his new owners fall asleep before going to sleep himself. That behaviour was because the dog was abandoned by his previous owners while he was sleeping..

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      2. Ohh that’s heartbreaking. 😔 I wonder what sort of humans can abandon dogs! That poor dog! They have feelings too. When someone they love unconditionally abandons them without a second thought, it’s bound to create abandonment issues.


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