six word story #52

Ignored her hunger. Fed her children.

This post was written in response to my own Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #4: Unconditional love.

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13 thoughts on “six word story #52

  1. Very good. I remember so many days as a child when my mother gave us the meat and potatoes while she choose cornbread and milk. At that time I thought she really liked that best. But when we began to have more money, I remember that she didn’t still choose cornbread and milk nearly so often. Hummm…

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    1. Mothers are the best. They put their children’s needs before anything else. And they really do go out of their way to accommodate their children’s needs. Thank you for reading, Oneta!


    1. Haha. Seems to be my speciality these days. Thanks a lot for reading, dear. It means a lot to me. Sorry, I haven’t had the time to drop by your blog of late. How have you been?


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